Releasing Kings Newsletter

Releasing Kings Newsletter

Issue #04-07-19, What God is saying to Kings
July 19, 2004

On behalf of Harold and John, thanks for purchasing Releasing Kings and requesting this newsletter.  We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the latest developments.  I really believe God is opening a new door of prosperity and ministry for a generation of entrepreneurs that will expand his Kingdom.  It’s very interesting to meet prophetic / Kingly businessman with a God-given vision.  You’re a blessing.

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What God is saying to Kings

In each newsletter will try to give you a sense of what the Holy Spirit is saying to Kings right now… somewhat like the articles you see on the Elijah List emails.  We share these for two reasons; 1) to build you up with encouragement, and 2) to provide a venue for intercessory support.  In the future I would like to include your sense of what God is saying as well.  Feel free to submit them at

We can sense a new day in the spirit for Kings.  This movement of God’s spirit has adventure, anointing, financial abundance, and great commission ministry all over it.  You can also feel the pioneering season.  We’re taking new land from the enemy and the resistance and warfare are real.  Some have stepped out expecting it to be a lot easier and have experienced surprising setbacks some of which are financial losses and delays.  Proceed with prayer, perseverance, and caution.  Nobody fights a battle without casualties.  I’ve seen individuals staggered and doubting being spoken to by the Lord.  “You have found my Heart in the desires of your heart and you will find the release of my Spirit.  It’s brings joy to my heart when you ask and receive.  Ask my son, Ask with boldness and confidence.”

24 Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:23-24


One thing close to my heart is helping Kings connect with their dream. We want to accomplish that with prayer and networking and we’ll be starting an intercessory ministry toward that end.  Here’s the first assignment.

I met John Moore over the phone – he contacted us after reading Releasing Kings.  He’s written a number of books and sent me The Breaking of Ezra Riley. You can get a copy (its actually an 800 page trilogy) through his web at  Here’s the prayer request consistent the dream God has given him.  The book is an epic – I couldn’t put it down and the quality is there to make it into a movie comparable to Lonesome Dove or Dances With Wolves.  The book is published and there have been several close calls on movie deals, but it needs a boost from the intercessory side.  Here’s your assignment.  Simply ask the Lord to make it happen.  John has a great relationship with Harold and if you need help catching the vision simply order the book – its outstanding.  Someone will surface with a connection and John will get a phone call about a movie deal – Believe it!

What’s happening – Itinerary

We’re sharing at Harold’s summer conference in Yakima next weekend, July 22-24.  The details about the conference and Harold’s itinerary are on  Steve Brown and I are teaming up for two session at 2 PM Friday and Saturday at the Yakima conference.  You’re invited!

We’re sharing the humble beginnings of our itinerary for your information and prayer.  There are two things going on right now.  We’re starting to get appointments for radio interviews on Christian stations.  July 10 with Latonia on WATB, 1420 AM in Scottdale, Georgia was the first.  It’s a kick to share something when the Holy Spirit has already primed the well.  The people that contact us are intrigued by the topic and come.  Here are the ones scheduled today.

July 10 (7AM Pacific to 7:30) Latonia Smiley  WATB 1420 AM, Scottdale, Georgia

Aug 3 (2PM EDT, 11 AM PDT), Jamie Hancock, WNOO  “Street Talk” 1260 AM, Chattanooga TN

August 5  (Thursday 10:30AM EDT, 7:30 PDT), Gene Ellison, WOAY Family Radio, Oak Hill, WV

Aug TBD, Jackie Mahr / Randall Sprague  KCRO Radio, Omaha, NE


Since Releasing Kings was released it touched a nerve with people and we’ve been contacted by strangers that feel like long lost brothers that have experienced all the same things.  They are resonating with the same message and excited to see it in print.  Here’s a good example.

Hi John,

When I received the email from Worldcast about your book, “Releasing Kings”, I ordered it on the spot.  I wanted to hear everything Harold had to say on this topic, because I’m an old friend of his (I talked him into getting online and building his first website many years ago), and I’m living this message.  I’m very interested in knowing more about how to link up with you.

Here is a brief personal history.  Please forward this to Harold, as I’m sure he’d like to know what we’ve been up to for the past few years

I took my first pastorate in S.E. Idaho in 1991, and we enjoyed the ministry of Harold as often as we could bring him in.  I left my flock there in 1999 to move the headquarters of our organization of churches and ministries (International Apostolic Ministries) to Tampa, Florida. Wayne Anderson, Timothy Sherman, James Berkley and myself founded IAM in 1997.  Harold is a close and respected friend to all of us.  I personally have received a great deal of knowledge and impartation from his ministry and his books.  I’ve felt very closely connected to Harold’s vision since we first met back in 1994.

When I took my first Senior Pastor position, I pretty much shut down my computer business to go into the “full time” ministry, and susequently, the entire time I was pastoring in Idaho, we struggled financially, in spite of being largely successful in planting a regional revival center. As I look back, I believe that leaving the marketplace was one of the biggest mistakes I have made in adult life.  I could have had so much more provision and been so much more successful in ministry had I not done this.

When we landed here in Tampa 5 years ago, I was receiving part of my salary through IAM, serving as the Executive Secretary and Administrator, and took a part time salary as the Associate Pastor/Admin of our local church.  Our financial needs grew with our children and our new lifestyle, but at the same time, my IAM salary was not consistent enough to meet our needs.  After much prayer, and confirmation from my mentors, I decided to re-enter the marketplace here in Brandon, Florida. We shifted some of my administrative duties to others in both organizations to allow me time to re-build my business (yet, I still hold both positions).

I joined the local Chamber of Commerce, became an ambassador, and my wife and I built a new circle of relationships outside our local church. I shifted my focus from computer services to web design, web hosting, and internet marketing (something which I have been doing on the side for 20 years, but not really trying to make money at).  God is blessing us through this startup phase, and we are beginning to see personal prosperity on a new level.  At the same time, I feel I’m touching more lives than ever with the love of God.

In the midst of this transition, I began to get very clear revelation on what God was doing outside the church.  I preached my first marketplace message at our annual IAM convening a couple of years ago, telling all of our pastors that the next move of God was going to happen outside the walls of the church, and if they wanted to be part of it, they better find ways to connect to the marketplace!  I followed up on that topic again at this years conference, and I am proud to say that our organization is getting the revelation of marketplace ministry!  Many of our pastors are bi-vocational, so it fits very well.

The interesting thing is that I have been preaching on the Kingdom for the past several years, and feel that it is my life message.  I’ve been able to preach this message in conferences in many regions, and when I leave, the people know the Kingdom is His rule and reign.  I’m known in certain circles as a premier teacher on this subject.

Now, the pieces are coming together in a wonderful way.  Your book both confirmed and clarified the connection between the Kingdom and the marketplace, as well as all that I’ve been feeling about my dual callings as both a priest and a king.  I’ve been working on a book on this subject as well, which I hope to complete within the next year, God willing.  (It’s tough to find the time to write, though!)

Finally, I have a vision to connect business people in our community for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom here in Tampa.  Once I’ve done this, I want to help others do the same where they live.  I envision a national movement (I know there are others doing this to some degree, but they don’t have the same theological basis).  I feel uniquely gifted and qualified to do this, and know that God has positioned me here for such a time as this.  I’ve got great relationships started, I have already identified several key players, but am looking for some specifics on the next step.

To that end, I am very interested in linking up with your guys to exchange information and ideas on how to get to the next level.  I’ve already registered several domain names for future websites that will be devoted to this endeavor.  I was planning to start some kind of school this fall to teach the principles of marketplace ministry prior to discovering your book.  I am considering using it as one of our textbooks to lay the theological foundations for the class.

Anyways, thanks for your time.  I hope to meet you someday, and I look forward to communicating if you are willing.  Please do say hello to Harold and Linda for me and tell them we love and appreciate them!

In His grace,

Rich Carey

Next Steps

1.We want to network kings to increase their financial opportunities.  We even hope to have contacts for the four basic business categories.  We may do topic specific conference calls, newsletter, some conferences, etc.  Its more “doing” than “training” so we’re struggling to find the right approach to a network of meaningful mentoring relationships.
2.We want to do the same thing with missions opportunities locally and abroad…. connect Kings with some giants and stand back.
3.We want to package something than can be used on local churches to develop kings (see How to for pastors below)
4.We want to assist Steve Brown in starting a business mentoring model (

How to for Pastors

What specific steps can I take to release Kings in my Church?

1.Spread the concept of the Ministry of Kings – it’s contagious

a. Give copies of Releasing Kings to the entrepreneurial types in the church

b. Preach the theological foundation discussed in part 2 of the book

c. Preach the practical application in the marketplace – business, government, communications, the arts, education, etc.

d. Give examples of success stories (ministry outside the church in the marketplace that complements the church by expanding the Kingdom) …e.g. the the Passion by Mel Gibson

2.  Host or attend a conference on Releasing Kings

3. Identify a leader for those with an entrepreneurial calling – a leader of kings in your local church

a. Encourage him to network with other Kings

*Subscribing to the Releasing Kings Newsletter
*Attending a Marketplace Ministry conference
*Participating in the conference calls
*Starting a training session in your local church to help people connect with their marketplace dream.
b. Ask him to develop a network of Kings in your local church

*Challenge them to add a ministry plan to their business plan
*pastor their employees
*evangelize their customers
*Identify ministry projects for their church, City, or Missions opportunity they can fund and manage

c. Challenge them to Mentor a group of young people ages 16-22      (via the Network / Steve Brown)

You can get your copy of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace at

1-800-308-5837 (or)

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