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God is releasing finances

November 03, 2004


Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace


What God is Saying to Kings

One or two newsletters ago we mentioned financial release for Kings coming around the first of the new year. I’ve included an article that I first noticed on the Elijah List by Bill Yount.  He graciously granted permission to repeat it in our newsletter.  When I first read it I knew even before I was finished this had to be passed along.  God is opening a new door for financial prosperity for Kings.  Be Blessed.

He’s blessing initiative

Many people read these kind of prophetic encouragements and assume God is going to simply mail them some money; magically transfer some wealth.  Now that may happen for priests or prophets, but I want to suggest that for Kings it will only happen as a result of your action.  God will prosper your business initiative if you’re doing something he can bless (such as real estate, a business, network marketing, or an investment).  However, if you’re a King, don’t expect a check to simply show up in the mail.  God has lots of ways to bless Kings, and He’s targeting those with the faith to take a risk and “act”.  This is a season to use these “words” as an encouragement to prophecy “life” to things you’ve already done (or) to start something that’s been in your heart.  God does want to bless you… as you move toward the desires of your heart and His purpose.  Releasing Kings is a great movement of God’s Spirit that is just beginning.  The anointing is here and we want to encourage you to “get in the water.”

by Bill Yount

For some “only-God-knows” reason, all of Heaven seemed to be intoxicated as though staggering under the influence of an overwhelming joy that was shaking every mansion in glory! I hate to compare heaven with a drunk, but have you ever seen someone so full of wine and, while he is under the “influence,” he shouts aloud to everyone in the house, “I’m buying…It’s on me!” Someone may ask him at that moment, “Why?” And he answers, “Just because I want to!” He wouldn’t do this under normal conditions, but the condition of being beside himself for that moment caused him to become a hilarious giver who could not be reckoned with.

It was as though something was causing the Father’s heart to skip under the influence of ‘joy unspeakable and full of glory’ as I heard Him shout to the earth, “I’m buying…It’s on Me!” I sensed He was sovereignly choosing to release and transfer heavenly finances and riches onto the earth to answer long awaited cries for provision to do His will in the earth! The Father kept repeating the phrase hilariously, “I’m buying…It’s on Me! I’m buying bicycles, airplanes, airwaves, and nations. I’m buying dreams to come true for My people! I’m buying anything that my people can’t afford in order that they may fulfill their calling and destiny! One scripture seemed to become rhema, piercing poverty, doubt, and unbelief…”He has given commandment to bless and He has blessed and I cannot reverse it!”

“This is the Hour for Financial Miracles Upon the Earth!”

I heard the Father proclaiming over the earth to His people, “Don’t look to the heathen and wait for their riches and wealth to be transferred to you! That makes me jealous! Look to me! I will use the heathen to bless you, but only as you look to me. First you must taste and receive of My riches in Glory that I have for you. No wealth on earth can compare to mine.”

Another scripture seemed to be activated this hour in the heavens and the earth, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus!” I then saw what appeared to be a “bank teller” angel picking up the key to Heaven’s bank. I then heard the Father say to the angel, “Open it up and empty it out upon the earth! This is the hour for financial miracles upon the earth!” As this bank began to empty itself upon the earth, I saw it filling up again as it was emptying out. I couldn’t believe it at first. What was filling Heaven’s bank up again so it could continue to be emptied upon the saints, and even sinners, was simply the words “thank you!”‘ When a blessing from heaven came to earth, no matter how big or small it appeared to be, the words “Thank you!” would push provision out of heaven’s bank onto the earth and it would flow back toward the person who was being thankful for what they had received.

I sensed that those two words, “Thank you!” was what may have caused heaven to reel and stagger like a drunken man, as the Father came under the influence of a joy that only comes from the earth that intoxicates all of heaven! I sensed the Father asking one of the angels, “Was that a ‘thank you’ from earth that I just heard?” The angel responded, “That ‘thank you’ came up by faith not by their feeling or sight. But that one is causing your heart to skip a beat and your heart monitor is going crazy!”

Thankfulness Continues the Blessings

I sense that this spirit of giving being released in the area of financial blessings onto the earth is being sovereignly activated by the Father simply, “Just because I want to!” But what seemed to continue the ongoing blessings, once they were released this hour, was being thankful.

Giving thanks to God our Father when your brother or sister gets blessed before you do. Giving thanks to the Father of all mercies when God chooses to bless your enemy first instead of you! Be thankful. What I saw coming is so awesome, it is enough for all of us to receive.

Again I hear the Father full of joy, joy, joy down in His heart shouting, “I’m buying…It’s on Me! Just because I want to!”

“I’m buying the farm!”

Bill Yount – Author of ‘I Heard Heaven Proclaim’

Our Assignment

We’re in the process of putting together a study guide that will include some testimonies of kings.  Their successes, failures, vision, etc.  If you have a story that would bless others, let us know.  We’ve got several done and several more planned.  We’d love to interview and write up your story as well.  The goal is dozens.




John & Harold

PS: don’t forget to look at the free reports – Especially the one on your heart’s desire.

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