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Kings – An Urgent Call to Prayer
February 20, 2005 Hi

Kings – An Urgent Call to Prayer

A friend (John Moore) sent me an email with the prophetic word below. It hits on the current theme of spiritual warfare and what to do about it. Many are experiencing great resistance in realizing the dream God has put in their heart. I thought it was so timely that I got permission from the original author, Donna Chappell, to share it with you. Donna is a housewife, mother of two, and somehow maintains a ministry in prophetic intercession that includes involvement in her church and travel. The Lord gave her this on January 23 and there have been confirmations from similar words. Check it out.

The enemy has resources tied up that are illegally held.  This situation has been protracted, and some resources have been illegally held for generations.  There are untold millions of dollars, as well as inheritances, buildings and land, concepts and ideas, key relationships, businesses, etc., that are included.

The next ninety days are key to releasing these things.

For the next ninety days, violent prayer must go forth in the heavenlies, calling for release.  The hands of the givers have been robbed, and these resources are needed NOW for what is just ahead.  The givers have a heart to give, but their hands have become empty.

It is crucial during this time that leaders stand in the gap on behalf of those who are under their stewardship.  The authority of the leaders must be combined with the prayers of the givers to see the release of the resources.

The kind of prayer that must go forth is different.  It can’t be the spineless “If it be thy will….” prayer.  It must be strong, it must be Word-based, it must be corporate, as the enemy will not willingly let go of his grip on these things.  Corporate fasting will play a role in this, as the corporate anointing is needed to bring the release.

Where there have been weaknesses or mis-steps that have contributed to the situation, these should be repented of.  HOWEVER, it is important to not dwell in regret and wallow in “if only I had not….”  Move quickly beyond that, following repentance.  For many, it was not iniquity that led to the seizure, but spiritual ambushments were involved.  An unguarded moment, a character weakness, a false sense of security, etc., all have played a role in bringing this state about.

NOW IS THE TIME to prevail in the heavenlies.  Plans are being formulated that will be fully in operation at the end of the ninety days.  The window of opportunity is NOW for these things to be contended for in the heavenly realms.  At the end of the ninety days, things will already be in motion.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR VIOLENT PRAYER THAT SHAKES THE HEAVENLIES AND BRINGS THE RELEASE.

Please note that there was no condemnation at all in the spirit of this word.  The Lord was not chiding His people for the events that led to this.  He was saying, “Assess the situation.  Ask Me for a rhema word to declare.  Seek My Word for solid rock to stand on.  Declare and do not stop declaring My Word over the matter.  Get it done in prayer.  Seize it by prayer.  Fast and focus on prayer.  Set aside all distractions and pray.  These things must be released, but there must be strong, aggressive, authoritative prayer for their release.”

What is the Lord doing?  I (Donna) believe He is underscoring, italicizing, asterisking, and highlighting the urgency of the moment we are in spiritually.  This is not something to trifle with, but to go after with great intensity. I am praying not only for my family, but for those… who will be stepping up to the plate, carrying the re-captured spoils from the enemy that will be strategic in advancing the Kingdom.

These resources are Kingdom resources.  They are not meant to only increase our comfort and luxury.  They are necessary for the harvest ingathering.  We don’t have the luxury of NOT apprehending what belongs to us for the task at hand.  We WILL apprehend these things.  We WILL prevail. The same Lord Who has issued this urgent call has guaranteed by His shed blood that we war from a position of accomplished victory.

Donna Chappell

Tampa Bay, Florida


Prayer and Fasting – One of things that capture my eye was the mention of fasting. The 90 days is up around April 15 (when your taxes are due). The Lord is calling Kings to a prayer and fasting to possess your inheritance between now and then. Some areas of enemy conflict require “breakthrough” focus that includes fasting. This is Jesus counsel to His disciples when they couldn’t cast a demon out.

19 Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?” 20 So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.  21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”  Matt 17:19-21  NKJV

If you’ve never fasted before – start and end your fast eating fruits and juices. Its easier on your stomach. Drink plenty of water and don’t be afraid to make it a partial fast if that is what the Lord is calling you too. You’ll be hungry the first day, but the appetite for food subsides by the second day and you’ll actually enjoy your extra time with Lord, sleep like a baby, and be able to concentrate more clearly. Remember why you’re fasting:

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Isa 58:6

When the Lord Speaks – Expect the Lord to speak to you personally. Expect unprecedented favor on your life and ministry. “Ask” as big as your dream is. The Lord is searching for faith and persistence. Share your insights with us if they pertain to others. One of the things we want to do is network with prophetic intercessors to share what the Lord is saying. Simply email me ( or use the feed back page on the web. We’ll share them on the blog or in the newsletter.

Prophetic Intercession – Some are “queasy” about terms like prophetic intercession and claims of having heard from the Lord. After years of sorting through the real thing and the misses, I’ve found that;

1) its easy to discern what the Lord is saying (it resonates in your spirit, has no condemnation, and lines up with scripture), and

2) its harder to get people to step into their anointing, hear from God, and share it.  It’s a blessing to others when you do share what God is saying to you.

I’ve found encouraging to reach the Bio’s of other Kings and these prophetic words (prior examples are; God is Reloading Seniors and God is Releasing Finances).

One last thing. There is a place for Kings to cultivate prayer and prophetic intercession in our own lives and to work with others that are strong in that ministry. We would like to share insights, like Donna’s, regularly and develop a network of prayer and intercession that supports marketplace ministries. Pray with us about how and feel free to contact us with your ideas.


John & Harold

Conference in Holland

March 28 – April 5

Harold has made ministry trips to the Netherlands for the last few years. When Releasing Kings came out they wanted to translate the book into their native Dutch language. So It’s natural that this trip have a Marketplace Ministry theme. One of the seminars has a Dutch web site at  Please Keep this trip in prayer. We’re expecting God to do great things on the international scene… Sue and Linda are both going as well.

Here’s the tentative schedule.

March 30th     19.30 hrs. meeting in Anna Palona Church

April 2nd          Releasing Kings / Marketplace  WHOLE day SEMINAR  in Almere

April 3rd.         Ministering in Churches

Morning: Pinkstergemeente Almere with Pastor Ton Verdam

Afternoon: Rafael-gemeenschap with Pastor F. Obdam

April 4th.          Marketplace  Seminar BELGIUM

Progress – Kingly Bio’s are Up

We’ve completed the first round of interviews with Kings.  These are real people that have been blessed by God in the Market Place and have hearts for ministry.  Check it out at  If you have a success story, we’d like to post it by giving you a web page on our site.

Progress – A Teacher’s Guide

We’ve completed the first version of a study guide that targets those teaching the material in Releasing Kings.  It includes a page of notes on each chapter, all the graphics suitable to make overheads, and a PDF file of the book with the key points highlighted that includes marginal notes, comments, and questions.  This material is available for purchase on the teacher’s guide page of the web.


Friends Tell Friends

Harold and I have both been hesitant to “market” this book… sounds self-serving.  Here’s the “grassroots” reality.  God has given us a great tool to communicate a message that sets people free in an amazing, contagious, life-changing way.  If you haven’t read it – get it.  If you have read it – give it.

We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback on the newsletter too… get it, give it.  Reloading Seniors was powerful.  Pass the link on.

PS: don’t forget to look at the free reports – show your pastor the article on marketplace ministry from the pastor’s perspective.  You can simply email him this link or print a copy to give him.

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