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Kings are Spiritual Entrepreneurs
October 09, 2005


Kings – Spiritual Entrepreneurs

“Spiritual entrepreneur” sounds like a contradiction in terms. Many of us have been raised to devalue entanglement with the world, commerce, and business. I want to make a simple suggestion. The great commission will never be accomplished through the efforts of local churches alone. The church is the training ground to equip the saints. When the saints begin to “go and make disciples,” we’ll see the great commission fulfilled in the world and it will be through commerce, business, the arts, education, etc.

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.”Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matt 28:18-20 NAS


– I want suggest one more thing. “Going” into all the earth is happening as Christians (Kings) go into the world of commerce and business. It’s actually spiritual to be entrepreneurial! So spiritual, in fact, that we should value it and encourage it. When people are saved and God enters their heart a number of things begin to happen:

1.A love and hunger for God, His word, prayer, worship, fellowship, etc.
2.A sense of having a calling, ministry and purpose
3.Character fruit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, longsuffering, etc.
4.Spiritual gifts with power – prophetic, healing, etc.
5.(I want to add “Going”) Becoming creative, entrepreneurial and prosperous as a result

We’re learning to believe God wants to prosper his people. We just haven’t completely connected the dots to realize our creative, entrepreneurial gifting from God is the primary route. God does miraculously multiply blessing for Kings. But, it’s not magic; it’s a cooperative endeavor of learning to pursue and receive our inheritance out there in the marketplace.

What’s holding us Back?

– In a word; our theology. Most of us have been taught that spiritual things are more important than the natural, men are naturally sinful, the future is dark, the church is a remnant, and Jesus will rapture us out of this mess any minute. This topic is addressed in Part 1 of Releasing Kings. Harold does a great job of addressing dualism in   Spiritual Realities Vol 3 – Escaping Dualism. Dualism is a hold over from Greek philosophy that views a man’s spiritual side as separate and better than his natural side. I’ve also attached a couple of one page summaries that you’ll enjoy one that deals with how we share the gospel message outside the church (The Message to our Culture) and a second entitled (“Dualism” contrasted with “Biblical Christianity“). I think you’ll find them helpful, insightful, and thought provoking. Our roots tend to keep us from being entrepreneurial. You may also enjoy Are You Entreprenurial – 13 Ways to Check.

Here’s an entrepreneurial example

from one of my Favorite people. Harold is the coauthor of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace. I recently received this letter from him.

As you may remember, I invented something to solve one of the major problems in the world today – men leaving the toilet seat up after using it. Now this world can be a better place.

My sister Rose runs the business of building these toilet seat lifters and I wanted to make sure my friends had the first ones to come out of the shop. If you have any problems please let us know since we can still make design changes in these initial models.

Linda and I are leaving for Africa this week, so you won’t be able to get a hold of us. I get back the end of October and Linda is returning a little bit earlier so she can continue teaching. Please keep us in prayer.

You can see the product of Harold’s creative genius at and order one for yourself. Here’s the point. It’s fun to dream, pursue your heart’s desire and be creative. You’ll find prosperity and real spiritual maturity when you get there.

Drawn to be entrepreneurial

– Most of us have jobs. I do too. I’m feeling impressed in my heart to express the entrepreneurial nature God put within me. It’s a natural outgrowth of being created in his image. God likes to create things that multiply. So did some of the great examples of Kings in the Bible (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, etc.)

How about you?

What’s in your inheritance that requires your creative thought to release and will result in both financial and spiritual fruit. Make it your goal to be creative and entrepreneurial part time to begin with and full time when you get good at it. God really did call you to “full-time ministry” after all.

Blessings (vote for 1 or send me a better one)

1.Life is good. People are wonderful. God is great. Never give up.
2.Life is an adventure. People are a blessing. God is amazing. We’re winning.
3.Life is abundant. People make it possible. God overflows our cup. I’m excited.
4.Life is__________. People are_________. God is________. We _________.

John & Harold

PS: John is going back to the Netherlands in November (More later)

Avenues to help with Katrina and Rita

Samaritan’s Purse (Franklin Graham) 1-800-567-8183  Note: see for matching funds

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) 765-947-5100

The Salvation Army 1-800-Sal-Army

American Red Cross 1-800-Help Now

Operation Blessing International 1-800-730-2537

America’s Second Harvest 1-800-771-2303


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PS: Send us your feedback! We get lots of interesting emails at “You Wrote Back

Progress – Kingly Bio’s are Up

We’ve completed the first round of interviews with Kings. These are real people that have been blessed by God in the Market Place and have hearts for ministry. Check it out at If you have a success story, we’d like to post it by giving you a web page on our site.

Progress – A Teacher’s Guide

We’ve completed the first version of a study guide that targets those teaching the material in Releasing Kings. It includes a page of notes on each chapter, all the graphics suitable to make overheads, and a PDF file of the book with the key points highlighted that includes marginal notes, comments, and questions. This material is available for purchase on the teacher’s guide page of the web.

Friends Tell Friends

Harold and I have both been hesitant to “market” this book… sounds self-serving. Here’s the “grassroots” reality. God has given us a great tool to communicate a message that sets people free in an amazing, contagious, life-changing way. If you haven’t read it – get it. If you have read it – give it.

We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback on the newsletter too… get it, give it. Reloading Seniors was powerful. Pass the link on.

PS: don’t forget to look at the free reports – show your pastor the article on marketplace ministry from the pastor’s perspective. You can simply email him this link or print a copy to give him.

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