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How it started: Ray grew up in Kentucky in an entrepreneurial family. His mother was a real estate broker and his grandfather had a car repair business and an accounting business. Ray’s grandparents were ordained Pentecostal pastors and his grandmother had a powerful healing ministry. She preached on the local courthouse steps and people would travel from surrounding areas for prayer. Ray grew up in church, was baptized at the age of 12 and received the Holy Spirit. His father was a career Marine who served two tours in Viet Nam.

As a teenager, Ray began to question his faith and during his high school years he rebelled against his father and the Lord. During that time, Ray took a part time job as a disc jockey at a radio station and slowly worked his way through the ranks to Program Director and eventually to Station Manager. He developed an understanding of what clients wanted in advertising, and began writing radio ads. His job proved to be a training ground for direct response marketing. At 35 Ray was Vice President and General Manager for Citadel Broadcasting, then went on to become Vice President of Programming for New Northwest Broadcasters. He took note of the emergence of the internet and the decline in radio popularity. He was an advocate for terrestrial radio companies, developing a proactive response to the challenges presented by satellite radio, iPods, and internet radio, but his suggestions went unheeded. He resigned to start his own career in copywriting and advertised through the internet.

As his business income exploded, he was an unchurched unbeliever who strangely found himself speaking in tongues on car trips. He and Lynn decided it would be good if their son went to church to be part of a youth group with a positive peer experience, and they went often enough to qualify for his involvement. During that time, Lynn finally confronted Ray over the symptoms of what turned out to be clinical depression. Ray’s doctor asked him about his faith and, in addition to a prescription, asked him to see a Christian counselor. The counselor, a secular psychologist, suggested that Ray read his Bible because faith came by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Ray’s life changed noticeably, by Lynn’s measurement, he got off the meds and God healed his depression.

Ray’s son had gone to Redding California to attend Bethel’s school of ministry. When Ray and Lynn visited for a week, they decided that they wanted the same training and ultimately took it through a live feed video in Spokane. Ray met Cal Pierce (founder of Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA) who was looking for help with internet marketing (Ray’s specialty). Ray had found the Lord again and a marketplace ministry application for his internet marketing skills.

Personal Passion: Ray’s career passion is finding ways to increase the profitability of a business. He wrote ads for his grandfather’s accounting business at the age of 12. At 14, his mother took him to a Zig Ziglar seminar and he read See You at the Top multiple times. Ray has also developed a parallel passion to help people improve their ideas, strategies and tactics, resulting in the coaching / mentoring aspect of his marketing and copywriting business.

Ray moved away from feeling guilty and conflicted over business, away from a religious sense that business success was bad and was fueled by greed. He found permission from God to be himself and use his gifts to expand the Kingdom in the business mountain. Now he is at the forefront of what God is doing in the Kingdom via marketplace ministry.

God has blessed his business greatly in recent years. Ray has brought millions of dollars in increased profitability to clients who are household names, like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (the co-creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul), Robert Allen, Frank Kern, Armand Morin, Jeff Walker, Joel Comm, and many others.

Personal Benefit: God blessed Ray’s marketing business before his theology was fixed. After he got excited about God and being involved in the Kingdom, he thought about quitting business for full-time ministry in the church. After the ministry school, Ray realized that God had given him territory in the marketing arena. He needed to be a light in the darkness and not hide his talents in church. Now his ministry is his business and his business is his ministry. Ray is helping people break out of poverty and greed to create wealth for Kingdom purposes and to see signs, wonders, and healings in the process.

Ray’s greatest personal release came from the sense of permission to do what he was wired to do. His marketing business can be conducted anywhere there is an internet connection for his laptop. He is free to travel with Lynn in their RV, and has business conferences and ministry opportunities in the Healing Room locations in the US and abroad.

Value to others: Ray’s work gets stellar results for his clients that are objectively measured in terms of their return on investment. Ray typically works for a percent of the increased return for his larger clients.

Following his success, Ray has received more requests for help from people in business and in the church. With the advent of the internet, it is easier to start a visible business than at any time in history. Ray uses group coaching and video training to efficiently use his time and to help more people.

Business Potential (upside): Ray has learned to create “duplicate structures” – teaching other people to use the same marketing principles that he does, and to impart his “best practices.” He has to continually scale up is rates to keep the demands on his time reasonable… a nice problem to have.

Complexities, failures (downside): Writing ad copy for multiple clients can easily become overwhelming, trading his time for money in18 hour days. Ray now views his clients as people he mentors and to whom he ministers. One of his latest goals is to create 1,000 millionaires; his definition of a “millionaire” is a person who can write a check for $1M and do so without impacting their lifestyle.

Vision for the Kingdom: Ray wants to leverage those 1,000 millionaires for Kingdom purposes: not just teach them how to create wealth, but also how to convert money into ministry and to connect with their own Kingdom purpose. His conferences and coaching are designed to achieve those goals with his clients. He intends that his clients exceed his own level of success in this phrase, “My ceiling can be your floor.” Ray’s business now has a very public Kingdom purpose that ministers to the business community.

Impact from Releasing Kings: Ray read Releasing Kings and called John just to get acquainted. The book is well written, and connected the dots for many of Ray’s questions. Releasing Kings addressed the theological underpinnings of marketplace ministry in a way that perfectly fit Ray’s personal experience. He now has permission to be himself, and he’s very comfortable with his Kingly disposition… the freedom, boldness, and joy of being part of what God is doing, and being authentically himself at the same time.

How Can Ray Help You: Ray adds 2-3 large clients with elaborate marketing campaigns each year. To serve interested people who don’t have large corporate budgets, Ray is launching three levels of group training called his “Inner Circle Mentoring Program.” These offerings provide a combination of group training and personal interaction with Ray that allows others to implement the same successful techniques that Ray employs for his largest clients. Ray has a video with more details on his web site… http://rayedwards.com.

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David Tinney September 4, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Excellent! There is an incredible sense of freedom when you’re able to give yourself permission to follow your dreams. God has blessed you, Ray!


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