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  • Name: Dawnya Sasse (39) 234-206-0832 dawnya@teaevents.com
  • Education: Some college
  • Family: Husband Brian
  • Business: Tea Events
  • Hobbies: Travel, Old Movies and Interior Design

How it started: Dawnya was raised on the road, the child of musicians with a lounge act that traveled throughout the U.S. Her parents came to the Lord when Dawnya was five and the family attended a Baptist community church. When Dawnya was in junior high the family settled in Central Oregon. Dawnya grew up with an un-diagnosed, prophetic gift in a home filled with the arts and music. She gravitated toward theater, travel to England and attending George Fox University.

Dawnya met Brian on a “Teen Missions” trip that involved a 4 day bus ride where Brian sat in the seat in front of Dawnya. They married in 1990 with a vision to go into youth ministry. Brian’s degree is in Christian Education. For 8 years they tried unsuccessfully to get into ministry. They felt rejected by the church, counted their efforts a failure and decided to go into business.

Brian started a dry wall contracting company. Dawnya opened a tea business after they Lord spoke to her at a WorldCast Conference saying “I will give you a ministry of Tea”. Both considered their vocational need to work and make a living as “second best” spiritually. The tea business began a year after the conference as a small tea room in Bend that was patterned after Dawnya’s love of all things British (she loved to travel there taking groups to walk and pray). The tea room was also an outlet for Dawnya’s background in theater… complete with costumes, plays, and entertainment for the customers.

The tea business prospered to a second tea room and eventually to an Internet training emphasis to equip others to start their own tea businesses all around the globe. Dawnya sold the tea rooms to focus on offering entrepreneurial training, conferences, and consulting. In the process, Dawnya discovered she had a knack for internet marketing and online product creation.

Personal Passion: Brian and Dawnya were particularly impacted by Harold’s first book (The Complete Wineskin) and they hold a vision to see the five-fold ministry operate in businesses. Dawnya calls the combination “Busitry”. Her prophetic gift in a feminine package coupled with a background in the arts was classically a ticket for rejection in the churches she was involved in. The healthy outlet has been in a prosperous business fueled by prophetic insights and dedicated to helping other women find their five-fold ministry expression in the marketplace.

Personal Benefit: Dawnya’s online business has become an outlet for her creative license. Dawnya is free to keep her own hours and hire gifted pastoral and intercessory women that complement her prophetic gifting. From a missions standpoint the people she’s trained are about 80% Christian from all over the world. Her training is effectively a discipleship format to release others in their own marketplace ministry and to challenge them to succeed.

Value to others: Dawnya’s training materials and classes can all be downloaded or streamed over the internet. Her products are information based resources designed to help people start their own tea business that minister to people in their own communities.

Brian and Dawnya have hosted 3 Tea Cruises and 2 Live Conferences connecting with students from around the globe.

Business Potential (upside): The tea business is a quiet niche of  9 Billion in the US which is project to be 15 Billion by 2012. Moving from a local tea room to an internet training emphasis raised their income dramatically with no regional boundaries. Dawnya has customers all over the world.

Complexities, failures (downside): One complication is technological change associated with internet marketing and the continual necessity to learn new things and changing your business model.  (the internet changes approximately 7 business years for every one calendar year)

In addition, Dawnya has been highly critisized by non believers in her field.  The current emphasis within the tea industry is Buddism.  This has led Dawnya into a deep level of intercession and spiritual warfare to contend with the enemies plans.

Vision for the Kingdom:  Tea Events is the eyes and wings for entrepreneurs in the tea business. Dawnya’s theme verse is:

Where there is no vision, the people perish…Prov 29:18 KJV

Dawnya’s prophetic and intercessory giftings has found expression in prayer walks in other nations. One aspect of her vision is to fund strategic prayer walks in the future as the Lord leads. As a couple, Brian and Dawnya focus their giving to various prophetic ministries whose focus is giving strategic direction to the body of Christ.

The second aspect of her Kingdom vision to pattern her staff after 5-fold ministry gifts and help others find a marketplace expressions for intercession, pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, and apostle.  She currently works with a team of virtual assistants all over the world, each operating in their 5- fold gifting.

In 2007 Brian and Dawnya left their comfortable west coast world to move to rural Washington, Kansas.  They have spent the last years converting old downtown buildings, helping develop parks and beautification, helping to run community events, developing local business websites and marketing the county fair.  Praying for the heartland of America and working to bring technology into a internet starved region has been a challenge.

Currently their business properties are up for sale and they are looking forward to God’s next great adventure.

Impact from Releasing KingsReleasing Kings was a huge confirmation that Brian and Dawnya were in the center of God’s will expressed through a prosperous business that ministers to people all over the world through the marketplace. They are Kings, to put it simply, and God is using them mightily.

What Can Dawnya Do You: Obviously, if you want to start a tea business, no one in the world is a better resource than Dawnya.

Her consulting skills are sought after and she’s willing to assist business men and women in developing their own internet based business perfect for their own niche. She enjoys helping people both online and offline negotiate the challenges of internet marketing and promotion.

Dawnya has created a training video showing how to create a video from slides with your voice explanation recorded over the slide sequence. This offering includes information on setting up your own Paypal account to make sales. There is free introduction and two training followup sessions. The intro itself, is a great example of the power of this approach. http://www.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=2292566












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Wendy Duchesneau September 14, 2011 at 7:43 am

Hello Dawnya,
I just wanted to say that I was very encouraged by your post. Personally, I am at the beginning. I was just asking the Lord to show me “How” to make an impact in my marketplace…I am a licensed massage therapist working at a spa in Iowa. He has been writing things on my heart and I’ve just been stuck on the “how”…your posts have given me guidence and insight, thank you.


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