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(09-12-28 regarding Learning to Fly)

Happy New Year, John,

I appreciate receiving your newsletters.  They help me stay inspired regarding Marketplace Ministry.

It is interesting the current scenario that I find myself in.  I am pastoring full-time in Victoria, BC but have two businesses and two revenue properties still in place…

To be able to continue to serve my previous hay customers through what is now a hay brokering business and trucking operation rather than as a grower has been very interesting and a blessing.  Your seminar at Sylvan Lake was a real confirmation for me in the area of marketplace ministry.

Grace to you,
P.S. I liked the following statement you wrote: “Pastors will value Kings functioning in a different mountain more in the future as we recognize the role of marketplace ministry in the Kingdom.”

(09-11-28 re: Pew to Palace)

Hi John, This is great! Two weeks ago Lance Wallnau was here in the Netherlands and I attended the conference. It’s really nice that you talk about him and the 7 mountain message in this newsletter! I think the 7 mountain message is really important. I’m training people to bridge the gap between their faith and their work, to break through this sacred/secular divide. Thanks for this encouraging newsletter!

– Leon

(09-11-28re: Pew to Palace) Kelly says,

“Hello John. I’ve been subscribing to your newsletter for some time and I’ve just read “From the Pew to the Palace”. Awesome stuff. It has taken me some time but I’ve accepted the call to be a king and fulfill the (dream) purpose for my life.”

– Kelly

(09-11-28re: Pew to Palace)

Hi John, I’ve just been reading some of your past newsletters, and have been really encouraged by them. My wife and I have been in business for the last 13 months in a new start up cafe business. WOW, what a lot of hard work, but by God’s grace we’re getting there.

Previously we were pastors for 17 years, but just needed a break from church ministry. We know that we will probably go back to pastoring at some stage, not sure when (we’re only 48 yrs old), but I know that most likely I would do things very differently.

My key priority would be to focus more on a Kingdom mentality than just a local church mentality and most certainly learn more about the other mountains that need conquering!

Thank you so much for your newsletter, it’s relevant topics, sound theology, and practical wisdom.

God bless,
– Allan

(09-11-28re: Pew to Palace)

I have been reading your newsletters for around 3 years now and the Lord has had me on a crazy journey.  I planted two successful businesses before age 20, left it to be commissioned as a missionary to the Armed Forces. After 6 years working Special Forces Communications I moved back home to help my father pastor a second church campus. My wife and I planted a church in 2006 in Burnsville, MN and it’s going awesome!  A friend turned me on to the Releasing Kings book you wrote and it blew my mind.  For the first time in my life I was finally understood by someone.  This paradigm has been etched in my brain my whole life, but with no affirmation until your book.  Thank you for writing it. So helpful 🙂

The main reason I am writing is to connect with you. Around one year ago I started waiting to read your e-mails till after our weekend worship gatherings because so much of what the Lord was speaking to me paralleled what you would write.  And I didn’t want to get confused between what the Lord was speaking to me about our culture and what God was speaking to me personally through your e-mails. It has become a running joke for my wife and I now, because literally I will preach the same scriptures or emphasis as you will have written in your email.  I share this to simply say that whatever journey the Lord has you on, it seems I am on it as well. I love being on the journey with other leaders.  I have found it to be more fun traveling together than on my own.  So I would love to connect with you if you’re interested:-) Blessings to you all.

– Till All Have Heard, Jamey

(08-11-16 regarding Intercession, Initiative and Politics)

Hi John,
I just wanted to say your email has ministered to me more than any other email (100s of them) Thank you so much for keeping the Kingdom perception and encouraging us to maintain and/or cultivate that same mindset. Thank you again, you are appreciated.

Kingdom Blessings of Success,
– Tara


John Garfield

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Debra Blaszak October 11, 2014 at 9:51 am


Loved the book. It was so rich with calling it has literally taken me 2 months to read it! Honestly, how you hit on so many debated theological areas, just skimming them, and then redirecting to get the reader back to the focus of kingship, was the greatest finesse of writing I have ever seen!
I’m accepting my calling in the marketplace and have always seen myself in the ministry. Lately, I was concerned about my heart condition as I shared with a friend that I no longer want to give away my talents for free. Your book confirmed not only who we are, but what we do has worth, and added to the favor of God, can be multiplied for His kingdom. Thank you so much for the practicality and the encouragement.


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