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A note from John about Web software choices

#1 Site Build It (do it yourself). If you would like to host your own web site, this is the software we use. It costs $299/yr and lets you make your own changes and upload them. I use Microsoft Front Page and this package. This approach does have a learning curve and the price tag is a couple of weeks of working through the Site Build it and Front Page instructions. The Result – I can change any page as fast as I can type. The software manages my newsletter email list and lets me see the stats on all aspects of visitors to the site.  The feature I like best is “no middle man” for building or hosting the site – I make the changes. When you get stumped you can email for support and get help. More questions?  Just email me and I’ll help if I can. See additional detail below or go to the Sitesell homepage. Better yet, view their introductory video.

Order Your Own SBI site

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