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The Heart Plan Professional Development Program

To align your vocation with the values and calling in your heart

Have fun, make money and love people


Start with this newsletter – the Father’s Coaching Heart for intro, testimonies, prices and contact information.

the Heart Plan introduction is here

In the steps below, we’ve outlined 7 things you can do to tap into your mountain. The tool I like most is our Heart Plan. It will help you find your own heart’s desire and implement it in a practical way. One of the biggest keys is writing your heart’s desires and plans on paper. Put your mind to work on that project and, when it’s in writing, use your mind to discern that it really is God’s plan, too.

Your dream is worth some one-on-one time with someone who can encourage you and help you to make it real. I was that person for David. Just like David, your destiny is worth it! Putting your dream first is putting the Kingdom first. There really is a place where your heart and God’s heart overlap. That’s where “life” begins.

  1. Read Releasing Kings and Desire to Destiny.
  2. Get the free newsletter (sign up at the upper right box on this page), connect on Face Book to stay in touch. We use Skype to talk to people all over the world. Networking is a huge Kingdom dynamic.
  3. List to the sound… Beverly Lewis and I discussed Kingdom impacts in an interview, “Have fun, make money and love people.” Listen to the recorded version here. Ray Edwards and I did a second interview that is just as good. Both are about an hour and give a great summary of marketplace ministry. Attend a conference if you can.
  4. There are two newsletters that summarize key elements of Releasing Kings: Have Fun, Make Money and Love People and A Kingdom Primer.
  5. Go through the Heart Plan and clarify your dream – we can help you if you’re stuck. See Heart Plan Intro.
  6. Get connected with a coach or mentor who can help you take the next step.You are welcome to contact me if you need a suggestion.
  7. Create the wealth and convert the money into your ministry dream to build the Kingdom.

Other helpful links

A Teacher’s Guide  For Releasing Kings

If you’re considering teaching the message in Releasing Kings we’ve just designed a teacher’s to facilitate going through the book.  This Teachers Guide contains.

  1. One page of notes for each chapter
  2. All the graphics you can duplicate for overheads that we use
  3. Thought questions to help you implement these truths in your personal experience (at the end of each section on pages 9, 22, 35, and 44)
  4. There is a companion PDF file that highlights key points in the book with notes in the margin to help you with additional comments and questions
  5. Lastly, we’ll provide a free consultation (from John) to assist you in any way we can to make your use of this material fruitful.  Simply email John to set up an appointment

The Teacher’s guide can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking the link below.  It’s free with any bulk order of 15 books or $25 if you simply download it.  You’re welcome to preview it before purchase.  We’ll be adding new information to the teacher’s guide and you’ll be able to download the latest version at your convenience.

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Purchase the teachers Guide Package