Hi, my name is John Garfield. We use an online course to connect the desires God wrote in your heart with a plan to make it happen (Heart Plan). We want to make sure we’re covering the topics that are helpful to you by simply asking and listening.

So, my question to you is this:

“When you think about the level of passion for your current vocation, what might be the biggest challenge or frustration you’re experiencing taking the next step toward your jailbreak?”

Please click here and tell me so we can address your specific situation.

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John Garfield



ps: Does this sound like you? We would love to get your advice:

  1. Cause – I care deeply about fulfilling my destiny and feel a pull toward purpose. I have a desire to make my dream a reality and make a difference. There is a hero inside me. I want to be a good steward of the land and the calling Father has given me. I know there is something more.
  2. Sherpa – I want someone who has been there to show me how. I’m a little tired of more information – I want a person who can help me, not just a course.
  3. Celebrated – I want to utilize my skills to make a difference, do the exploits, be the hero. I want to be celebrated for the value I can add.
  4. Creative Freedom – I’m not materialistic, yet I’m tired of financial mediocrity. I want to navigate creating real value and the cash flow that goes with it. I want the freedom to be generous with my time and money; operate out of a cup that overflows emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
  5. Tribe – I want to have some like-minded friends with shared values; find others making the same transition with whom I can collaborate.

Question for you:

“When you think about the level of passion for your current vocation, what might be the biggest challenge or frustration you’re experiencing taking the next step toward your dream?”

Love to get your guidance so we can fold it into the course. Here is the link.


PSS: more on our values

  1. Our clients are the heroes – No one particularly cares about our information or prices. They care about their dream. Them reaching their dream is the one metric for our success.
  2. Value (Be yourself) – a connected heart is life-changing, organic, liberating, fun, and contagious. It is the key that unlocks individual hearts and is the foundation for the reformation God is using to touch nations. For many, it is their first experience with authenticity instead of religion.
  3. Vision – We believe reformation, in me and my nation starts organically with the desires God wrote in my heart. When dreams come true, we make the world a better place for everyone.
  4. Intentional – The client’s Heart Plan is built on the prophetic reality of what Father wrote in their heart. Our first goal is to help people experience that reality; that the desire of their heart is something Father cares about more than they do; it’s organic, contagious, inevitable, fun and fruitful (it works!).
  5. Over-deliver I want a guide to hold my hand through the experience of inheriting my dream – not sell me more information then be inaccessible on how to apply it. So, we help you taste your future. And we do it in the context of a relationship (we have a mastermind option in the tribe for however long it takes).
  6. Tribe – the transparency of knowing what’s in the other guy’s heart (ours and the clients) is the depth of relationship that causes people to respect and then love one another. It’s an amazing phenomenon; 1) ask a person about the desires of their heart, 2) help them clarify, and 3) they fall in love with you (no one has asked previously). The sweetest fellowship is working together.
  7. Marketing – Our first goal isn’t selling what we have; it’s releasing what you have written in your heart – via an experience. We’re confident in our ability to do that, and we’re not afraid to put a price on it. People love it and it gets tangible results!
  8. Cash flow – the practical side of every dream, and every person has a financial component that must be navigated with wisdom. We use monthly cash flow projections in EXCEL, and have the expertise show you how and help you get there.

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