2015-06-01 The Releasing Kings Podcast

Steve Reiter and John Ramstead did a skype interview (now Podcast) with me on Releasing Kings. Our conversation flowed well and I was blessed by the anointing on this media. Steve and John have a great gift and ministry of their own. The Podcast is a great tool to summarize our message that can be shared with others – by sharing the link. David Nycz posted the comment below by way of feedback.

2015-06-01 Graphic

John does a superb job of taking the years of his seeking the kingdom, his work & experiences with people, and all his current written work to date, and condensed much of it articulately into this great Podcast. This is especially a great message for those “Many” today who do silently want to learn more of God, their purpose, and to simply grow but are not interested in the current “outlets” and/or selections available for nurturing their heart-felt interests. This will be a spark for many dry tinders.  (David Nycz)

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