David Tinney (Mentor to Ukraine)


  • Hobbies: Fishing, grilling/smoking, enjoying the outdoors

How it started: David was raised in an entrepreneurial home. His father bought an oil distributorship and when he reached retirement age started a business building computers and another as an internet service provider. David drove a truck and worked with his father during his youth. David was saved at the age of 26 in 1979 and had a reputation for being zealous. He taught Sunday School in his church and was often invited to fill pulpits for pastors on vacation. David’s denomination met on Sunday mornings, so he went with his Grandmother to a Pentecostal church on Sunday evening and Wednesday nights. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and his zeal took on a mission emphasis. In 1983 he was attending a Word of Faith church that hosted a pastor from the Philippines. As David watched the video he began to weep and at the pastor’s invitation committed to going to the Philippines. In 1985 he spent 10 days there. God used him in amazing ways as he taught in the Bible College; healing, words of wisdom and baptism in the Holy Spirit. He hadn’t experienced the difference in anointing on the mission field before. Friends had always encouraged him to go to Bible school and get in the ministry; David had the wisdom to stay within his calling to the marketplace as a King.

In 1988 David married Judy and in 1991 he started a travel agency to help missionaries. In 1995, they were given tickets to Europe as a reward and took a trip to Estonia. The Lord showed David he would be ministering to Russian-speaking people. In the fall of 1995 he went to Ukraine and helped to start a church – and felt totally at home.

David started an arboriculture business in 2005 as a way to help people recover from hurricane Katrina. It has continued to prosper. He also began ministering a Kingly message on business in Ukraine. Since 2001 he’s made 50 trips and conducted over 100 seminars in Ukraine, Poland, Belgium and Germany. The transcript of one conference was edited into a book released in 2003 that has become a best seller in the former Soviet Union. E-books and online income have developed into a third business used to support missions.

Personal Passion: David loves to help people and their businesses. His personal goals have a humanitarian flavor; he loves to help widows, orphans and under-privileged children. David believes the blessing of God for prosperity flows toward those who do according to proverbs (Proverbs 11:25, 19:17, 22:9). David met one businessman (Andrei Berezenets) in Ukraine who asked for mentoring. David went into the cosmetics store and, after interacting with the employees, David suggested having the employees over for dinner to announce some changes. He gave them seven suggestions; the main one was to teach people to be friendly, smile, and serve their customers. The bottom line doubled in the first 6 weeks. The businessman has since expanded to several stores, invested in real estate and has become a millionaire in Ukraine. He shares David’s heart for God. The profits are used in a children’s hospital for cancer victims who wouldn’t otherwise receive care or medication.

Personal Benefit: David has the blessing of being used by God in something he enjoys doing. When he ministers in the Ukraine his Kingly message flows out of his business experience with little preparation. It feels like being in the exact center of God’s will.

Value to othersThe cosmetics store owner became a millionaire and named a son after David. In many ways the believers in the Ukraine are ahead of Christians in the US… having investment clubs and training for investing, FOREX trading, and real estate.

Business Potential (upside): David is enjoying success in all three of his businesses. His travel business runs independently through a manager. David’s strength is marketing that flows from his outgoing personality and love for people. When he started his arboriculture business he had a natural advantage because his competitors were typically weak at knowing how to market themselves. The arboriculture business gravitated back home after the first year from an emphasis on disaster recovery to servicing upscale retirement properties in Oklahoma.

Complexities, failures (downside)Due to the radical change over the last decade in the travel industry, David’s travel agency isn’t as profitable as in the beginning. To compensate, they have enlarged their niche to include vacations and honeymoon planning.

Vision for the Kingdom: David’s personal experience is receiving an invitation from the Lord to work with Him to build the Kingdom. David sees the Kingdom advancing through the business realm in the marketplace; teaching people to prosper and minister. Africa is ripe for the kind of anointing he has seen in the former Soviet Union. David has, and believes in, an aggressive mentality to possess the kingdom using wealth to make advances in the marketplace, releasing the ministry of individual Kings.

Impact from Releasing Kings: David read Releasing Kings while starting his tree business after Katrina. It confirmed his concept of Kingly worship as working in the marketplace. Priests anointed Kings for battle and released their ministry. However, priests were never used to expand the Kingdom.

How Can David Help You: David has a decade of experience releasing Kings in Eastern Europe. God is positioning him to release a model for establishing businesses and prosperity and a normal part of missions work. We’re not just sharing the theory of “good news.” Reformation includes breaking the stronghold of poverty in a culture.

David travels to Ukraine several times a year to conduct business conferences. He often takes businessmen with him to help teach. Without exception, American businessmen have returned home with a renewed sense of purpose and destiny in the Kingdom of God. Contact David if interested in participating in conferences overseas.

The core teaching of David Tinney is available in digital format at:


Impact in Ukraine

We encourage the formation of business groups in Ukraine for the purpose of encouraging, strengthening and raising up Christian business people. In the past, we only worked through churches to reach the business people.  Now we are raising up business groups independent of churches for 3 main reasons.

#1. In any city, business people from many churches are attracted to our ministry. Working only through 1 or 2 churches narrows and, in many cases, excludes business people from other churches. We want to broaden our reach to include as many Christian people as possible, from all the churches.

#2. We believe that it is scriptural for business leaders to be ‘Kings’ and their ministries are often beyond the 4 walls of the church. We want to help facilitate every business person to achieve their God given dream of business and ministry.

#3. Pastors and church leaders have a role to equip business people and release them so they can accomplish their God-given ministry (Eph 4:11-12). We’ve seen from past experience that if business is too closely connected to the pulpit, train wrecks often happen. We want to protect church leaders from disaster.

Do we continue to work through churches? Absolutely! We are just broadening our reach to be more effective in helping Ukrainian business people. In fact, the other side of the coin of our ministry is teaching church leadership how to relate and minister to the business people in their churches.

Our desire is to stay in constant contact with the business people who desire to follow us. Studies have shown that the successful business person most often has a coach or mentor who helps him to become successful. We’ve found this true in our own lives also. Through coaching, we will raise up Ukrainian business people who will, in turn, raise up others. This is quite scriptural; in the church world it is called discipleship. The same principle works in the business realm; it is called coaching and mentoring.

Business groups will be connected to other groups in other cities, forming a network of groups.

We have known many Ukrainian business people who would have a greater degree of success with help from someone to give them advice when they didn’t know what to do or were facing some difficult decisions. Unfortunately, there are few available. We are going to fill this gap by raising up our own Ukrainian coaches and mentors.

The teaching ministries of John Garfield, Poul Dalgaard, myself and others will be made available to businessmen through personal visits and the latest technology. We’re developing a website in the Russian language that will contain various forms of our material for their use. And most of the content will be available for free. www.ReleasingKingsUA.com