Tele-Seminar – Beverly Lewis and I discussed Kingdom impacts in an interview, “Have fun, make money and love people.” Listen to the recorded version here. Ray Edwards and I did a second interview that is just as good. Both are about an hour and give a great summary of marketplace ministry.

The City – Our conference in Springfield was fun; they all are. This one turned out to be more strategic than I imagined. Springfield is a spiritual hub in the United States. This city of 200,000 has fourteen Bible colleges and is the headquarters for a large denomination. The homes are well cared for and the city is very clean and beautiful. You can see the blessing of God on Springfield.

The connection – The message resonated with the people. We had people from 5 surrounding states who flew or drove all day to attend. It’s easy to see that God is stirring their hearts and that they are excited to play a role in the Kingdom. The depth of business experience in the other speakers was also a blessing. We had a good balance of spiritual foundation and practical business wisdom. Wayne did a great job summarizing the role of cash flow. We will have a great video of the entire conference to share by the end of October. You can watch some of the interviews here.

The transition – we had many individual conversations about business, and ministry times that were both prophetic and practical. Here are a few nuggets that I heard:

Others feel the same way I do! – Market place ministry is in a pioneering phase. God is inviting many to play a role, but there is a sense of loneliness. There are few support systems inside or outside the church.  Most traditional ministry pulls people into the dream of the leader instead of releasing the dream in our hearts.

It’s better than we thought – There is also enough spiritual warfare and practical recession that some Kings are struggling or already have some business failures under their belt. Setbacks are part of everyone’s story. This conference ignited hope for results. It also helped us focus on the possibilities that already exist in each of our lives. Our individual stories are better than we thought.

Shaking – Yes, there will be some more shaking in the world. Instead of prophesying the falling sky, we need to realize God is just shuffling the deck to create some wealth and ministry opportunities for us. Fear will surround us in the media and politics. The reality – we are positioned in the perfect hour of history to play a huge role in the Kingdom. Say, “Yes Lord!”

Wealth creation – is a spiritual discipline for Kings. That truth resonated. Until we navigate the wealth creation, we have no message and no ministry. Multiplying finances and converting money into ministry is what releases our personal dream and blesses people and nations. Without the dream and the wealth creation component, we are just preachers without a pulpit… wind without rain.

The prophetic mentor – The media we use to communicate the message is excellent – two books, newsletter, conferences, coaching module, etc. However, the most important ingredient is a personal relationship with a mentor. Things like navigating heart boundaries and clarifying vision go much better with a mentor who has a prophetic gift. There really is a personal impartation in releasing Kings. It’s very encouraging to have someone give us this kind of pull.

Two fronts of heart and mind – 90% of what we do comes right out of the script in our heart (subconscious). We may think we can change because of our mind, will, or emotions. It just doesn’t work. Our heart has to have a good reason to change the script. Once our heart can receive the new script, then educating our mind, emotional motivation, and decision of our will can be effective.

Practically – People in the business realm are seeing some new things in creativity and networking.

  • We are seeing that God is weaving a new tapestry of relationships, putting together business people in a whole new way and from places we would have never suspected in the past
  • We are seeing a release of new levels of creativity and creative thinking about starting businesses and/or solving problems and plowing through roadblocks in existing businesses.
  • We are seeing the importance of teams for this new wave… longer a sense that, “I have to do it all myself.”
  • We are seeing that changing how we speak is changing the atmosphere for business opportunities to emerge in new ways. Positive people are seeing the Kingdom and using ideas, words, and networks to create wealth and connect business and ministry.

Viral Reformation – My prayer to release people into the Kingdom is that it will take off virally and become self-sustaining. That means eventually it won’t depend on the leadership of a few. We saw this in Springfield and in the people who come from other states. God is raising up people who are in touch with their hearts, who are examples and strong proponents of the message. It’s OK to want to create wealth and release Kings (many are being invited). It’s OK to have fun, make money, and love people.

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