Free indeed – this afternoon I realized there are two areas that have set my heart free in the last decade:

1)    Worshiping church – I used to think that church was the most important thing in the world; the top of God’s priority list. Now I realize that there are six other mountains and God is encouraging people to get involved in government, business, education, media, family and the arts. I never really had a balanced view of church until I understood it to be the place where we’re equipped to do ministry – and released into another mountain as “sent ones”!

2)    Heart’s desire – I used to think that the only two legitimate desires that could be in my heart were Jesus and evangelism… three if you count church. It’s really nice to enjoy my family, business, ministry, and recreation without that old religious demon of guilt. Life is fun! I’m doing what my heart enjoys. Other people can see the difference!

Pathways to Creativity – We eventually get out of the religious mode and free ourselves to really find the desires of our hearts and the will of God in the right mountain. When we reach that level of liberty in Jesus and connect with our own hearts, it’s time to set some goals and have some affirmations. Those things actually enhance our creativity. One of our most popular newsletters is Cultivating Creativity… it’s worth reading. We also wrote one on affirmations, Use Your Words. People who are most effective in the Kingdom are creative, goal-oriented and have a great confession (affirmations). “Creating” and “creativity” are part of our spiritual heritage. So, in this newsletter, I want to give you a simple suggestion that will help you tap your creative heart’s desire and make your dreams come true in a way that captures your Godly destiny. The simple truth is that God wants to go beyond any goal you we ask or imagine! It’s wise to “hear” what He has to say.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… Eph 3:20 NIV

Little voices – When you set goals or use affirmations, have you noticed a little voice that pops up? “I’m going to add a video newsletter.” The little voice says, “Are you kidding? People will laugh!” You know the routine. The little voice keeps us from making goals, or mocks us when don’t attain them. That’s the job of our mind – to hold us accountable. We need to give our minds a positive job that will contribute to the process instead of detract from our goals or affirmations.

Afformations – This week I read “The Secret Code of Success” by Noah St. John. Although a lot of the success literature carries a New Age philosophy, Noah is a Christian targeting a secular audience with a Biblical message. You should recognize that as evangelism! “Afformations” is the word he uses to describe the process of stating your affirmations as questions. (I recommend the book).

For example, if my goal was to learn to create wealth, my affirmation might be, “I am creating wealth by adding value to the lives of others.” And, the little voice would say, “Then why are you so broke?” And, “Why did your last investment fail.” And, “It seems like nothing you’ve ever tried has worked.” … you get the idea. Let’s stop the little voice before he takes over the newsletter.

Noah suggests – “Afformations” are simply framing the goal or affirmation as a question, “Why am I creating wealth and adding value to the lives of others?” That does two things. The question sends your mind off to search for answers in wisdom and starts the creative process. Secondly, it engages your spirit to seek the guidance or revelation from the Holy Spirit to see if God has any input. He often does. Writing down your goals in terms of “afformations” is great devotional exercise that will make a difference in your outlook and level of creativity. Thank you, Noah! The answers come back with the justification of “why” and practical aspects of “how.”

Examples – Let me share two of seven of my afformations and the answers I got back:

1.     “Why do wealth, opportunities and divine appointments come to me routinely?”

a.     God is teaching me to create wealth through mentors and divine appointments

b.    I’m a Kingly example of this aspect of discipleship – creating wealth is part of the gospel

c.     I watching for good opportunities; work with people that already “create wealth”

d.    I add value to the lives of others: spiritually, emotionally, and financially

2.     Why am I able to add value to others: spiritually, emotionally and financially?

a.     I can connect them with Jesus and the dream associated with their destiny

b.    I can connect them with their own hearts (Kingdom purpose, God’s heart)

c.     I can connect them with an opportunity network of resources, info, people and investments

d.    I can release their heart from religion to the Kingdom

Permission – Now my mind is continually working with me instead of sabotaging my heart’s desires. I’m intellectually searching for wisdom every time I consider these questions. My spirit is continually listening for God to speak to me in this area. I can show my list of goals / afformations to others and get their feedback and wisdom.  Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Now my heart is bold at pursuing my destiny because I have the reasons why. I know why those goals are part of God’s plan and I know what to do to achieve them. My words and my actions courageously reflect my life’s purpose in a prophetic, creative way. Dreams do come true. That’s how the Kingdom is built.

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.  Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. Acts 2:17-18 NIV

I’m more creative and entrepreneurial. Part of my God-given DNA, as His son, is to create new things the way He does. I can use my words, my innovative ideas, my revelation from the Holy Spirit and my actions to put feet on my faith and create something new that blesses my Father and blesses people… and creates wealth… and funds Kingdom ministry… and keeps this adventure with Jesus pretty entertaining. Life is fun, God is amazing, people are a blessing, and we’re winning.

Get Started – I’m encouraging you to try this exercise. Your heart needs to know the “what” and “why” for the dreams God has given you. You will gain a sense of permission from God and from yourself to do exploits in the Kingdom and fulfill your destiny. Putting those dreams and afformations on paper so you can verbalize them is a great start. In addition to Noah’s book, Desire to Destiny, will also help you articulate your dream and make it a reality. We need you off the bench and on the team!

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