What we do – The format is typically a Friday night and Saturday, often in a church setting. On Friday night we lay a foundation that gives people a permission slip to pursue their own heart’s desires and break the poverty mindset. We summarize the content in Releasing Kings and provide a strong Biblical foundation for Kings who have fun, make money and love people. We help people navigate the switch from “religious” to Kingdom where they become authentically themselves; celebrating the way God made them and implementing the desires he wrote in their heart.

On Saturday, we involve other experienced business people and cover the practical applications of creating wealth and taking the next steps to make your dream come true in the marketplace. This process is the theme of Desire to Destiny. All of the speakers will be available for personal consultations and you will find opportunities for networking and making new friends. Bring your business cards.

What it feels like – I’m always amazed at how the presence of God shows up at a business conference. It’s a prophetic invitation into our destiny that carries a connotation of inner healing that feels like a jail break. The speakers also touch practical wisdom rooted in years of real business experience. You will realize that God has been encouraging your dream for a long time. Our best examples are live, personal interviews with people at the conference who are willing share their dreams.

We often have un-churched business people present. These folks are my favorite. Although they feel a little like outsiders because the format is usually in a church, they resonate with the message. They hear for the first time that God is welcoming them to involvement in the Kingdom and that they are important players in his plan to bless nations. Last November in Warsaw dozens of successful business owners received Jesus right at the conference. Many of them were women. They are good friends now.

Who Should Come – The conference is for people to whom God is already talking about their dream, being entrepreneurial, and getting involved in the Kingdom. We never try to push our message on churches or the un-churched. We don’t have to – the Holy Spirit is simply compelling people into the Kingdom to occupy their mountain in this hour. We just find them and invite them to the party. We are just one piece of the puzzle in a much larger plan that God is implementing to bless the nations. I see several groups prone to resonate with this message, move toward their dream and experience their own heart’s release.

Women are being given permission right now to explore their dreams and fulfill their destiny.

30 something’s – young singles and couples are just getting started with career and family and want to find their role in the Kingdom.

50-60 something’s – there is another category of men and women who have decades of productivity behind them, but now have a longing for the Kingdom and the marketplace.

Un-churched business men and women – these folks have very little religious baggage to overcome, they adopt the message with ease, and want to jump right into everything God is doing in the marketplace.

What’s Special – In this conference we’re taking the wraps off a coaching module and a network of coaches that help us move through the process of identifying our real heart’s desire…  When we do understand our life purpose, overcome heart boundaries, have written goals, afformations, a team, cash flow, a schedule and a business plan. The result is amazing. There is something about connecting with the desire God has placed in your heart and putting that process in writing that adds substance to your dream. Opportunities, divine appointments, ideas, creativity, relationships, and finances begin to flow toward you. Every day we look forward to some new area of progress on our dream. It’s exciting to get out of bed in the morning because we have connected the dots between our personal life and what God is doing in the Kingdom. It’s thrilling to be part of the Kingdom! God is raising up a first-fruits crop of spiritual entrepreneurs who know how to create wealth and convert money into ministry.

For Sale (conference special!) – You’re invited to a great conference in Springfield… a party that will be fun, prophetic, and practical. We will be selling something… We’re going to try as hard as we can to sell you on the idea of pursuing your own dream. The one God wrote on your heart.

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