Sneak Preview – Desire to Destiny will be available in early August. This latest book is about seven steps of maturity that mark the spiritual progression of Kings from salvation through world changers. It’s a great follow-up to Releasing Kings. We put the first reviews on the web at What others are saying with links to their sites. Special thanks to all those who wrote them. We’ve also linked the first chapter.

Opportunity is Knocking – If you’re an accredited investor, Mike Nelson is drilling for oil again. Red Rock Energy is staffed by Kings with a vision to build the Kingdom. Interested? give Mike a call and check it out. Mike is the real deal – integrity, vision, and business.

A Business With A Calling

We interviewed Kent Humphreys this last week. He leads Fellowship of Companies for Christ (; a ministry organization with a ton of resources for businesses. Kent graciously wrote reviews for both our books and he’s swimming in the same stream of emphasis on market place ministry. He’s written two books we recommend; Lasting Investments and Shepherding Horses. You’ll enjoy reading the interview. You may also want to considering subscribing the services from Kent’s Fellowship of Companies. They can help you transition a business into Kingdom ministry.

A Pastoral Business – As I listened to Kent’s life story his message surfaced very clearly. God is using businesses for ministry in several ways. Kent owned a 400 employee company for most of his career. He used his anointing for ministry to make it feel like a family. He actually put relationships ahead of procedures and policies (rare in corporate America). He didn’t miss any of the trials of real life. In the course of buying 23 other companies he experienced lost accounts every year and occasional layoffs; yet he managed to find God’s favor to continue to prosper. He never lost his his natural inclination to focus on all the people a business platform provides for mentoring relational disciples… employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

Kingdom Businesses – Here’s the reality to transform a city or nation: A business is a natural tool that God can use for ministry. The discipleship that Jesus exampled in individual exchanges and small groups of three to twelve occurs every day in the normal course of a business week. CEO’s have 40 hours a week whereas pastors have one. All companies train their employees; Kingdom businesses disciple them. How would you like to work for a company whose manager really cared about your career development, ministry, and family… a manager who is Christ-like enough to help you succeed.

The Calling on Businesses – Most of us are familiar with the concept of a unique personal calling or destiny that we try to fulfill through the course of life. We often extend it to our church which usually has a unique style, vision, or calling. The next front for transformation of cities and nations is to recognize the personality, calling, and destiny on individual nations and the businesses that operate within their borders. God is using the the military to accomplish his purposes. He uses (some of) the news media to bring revelation and prophetic insight. He also uses businesses to break poverty and release his people from oppression.

A Bad Wrap – In the West we love rags to riches stories of entrepreneurs that followed their dream and made it. More recently we’ve seen a tendency to characterize large businesses as filled with greed, corruption, and self-serving abuse. Some of those stereotypes have real examples. However, God is in the process of “saving companies” and He’s giving them a vision to build the Kingdom. Wealthy businessmen are very often under the influence of the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s purposes. Here’s the reality. We need corporations to help build the Kingdom. If we write commerce off as “Babylon the great harlot” we’ll miss one of God’s most influential tools.

Big, Yet Personal and Generous – Imagine corporations around the world with a vision to minister through commerce. They won’t just give money away. They will teach underdeveloped nations how to break poverty. Imagine working for a company that wanted to disciple you on how to prosper so you could help redeem your community. Before it’s over, the real missionaries will be wearing suits and creating commerce instead of taking offerings.

Kent – Thanks for being a pioneer in God’s latest revelation.

Life is an adventure. People are a blessing. God is amazing. We’re winning.