Full-Time Ministry –  Brian and Dawnya have a story that is shared by many. They both were saved, prophetically gifted, and felt called to ministry… in their case it was youth ministry. They spent 8 years knocking on that door and finally gave it up and started a dry wall business a Tea business. They carried a sense of rejection from the church and failure with regard to their life’s purpose… that all lasted until their business went past 6 figures (several times a year). Dawnya hires women with 5-fold ministry gifts for their business and she uses her prophetic gift to develop the ministry / business for 1000’s of people from all over the world that subscribe to her training over the internet and at live events. Her next conference is on cruise ship that is already sold out – sorry. Her message mirrors the inspiration to be spiritual “and” entrepreneurial in Releasing Kings.

Fixing Our Theology – If we rewind Dawnya and Brian’s story back to the desire to be full-time in a church it would mirror a thousand other stories I’ve heard. About 2% of us receive our financial support from the church. That means Dawnya’s odds were 98% against their original dream coming true. They didn’t hear God wrong – it was just the implementation that took 8 years to figure out. It was in the marketplace. Here are a few of the theological adjustments we need to tweak to avoid this pitfall.

1. Missions – Most of us mistakenly believe that everything God does is in or through the church. Evangelists look at the American church as a dismal failure and blame pastors for not carrying out the great commission in their communities and in the world. The underlying premise is that if the gospel is going to be preached to all the world, the church has to make a dramatic change. What if we allow pastors to shepherd their flocks and equip them for ministry but leave world evangelism to Dawnya?… who already has a self supporting, world wide ministry? What if God is raising up Kings like Dawnya to be entrepreneurial and missions minded… by the millions. Everything wouldn’t go through the church would it? That’s the norm!

Every major initiative God’s people have undertaken in the Bible, Old Testament or New, has always come through the leadership, inspiration and initiative of individuals. Pastors or denomination officials have never sent people out and funded them as the mainstay of God’s plan. I’m not opposed to church supported missionaries. I’m just stating the obvious. Their impact is under 1% of the need. The future of the great commission is with people like Dawnya. Let’s stop throwing rocks at our pastors and esteem them for being pastoral… loving people, building their churches, and equipping the saints.

2. Getting Permission – If God was doing everything through the church, we would expect to have to go through the pastor or the denomination to launch our ministries. That’s a nearly impossible task for 98% of us for the reasons stated above – partly because we staple the responsibility to fund it to the request. But, if God is moving through Kings in the Kingdom and the church is really an equipping organ, we would expect a different approach. We start when we reach the right level of maturity and have the passion in our hearts to launch our ministry and put it on an entrepreneurial foundation.

Stop waiting for your pastor to tap you on your shoulder to begin your ministry. He’s not called to do that. His role is to shepherd you through a spiritual foundation until one day you get the idea you can fly. Lots of Christians don’t know they are needed to expand the Kingdom outside the church. They become professional students pining away inside the church bugging the pastor to be on boards and committees to help steer the local church that would be much better left to the pastor’s vision. Those professional students with leadership gifts are often at the root of splits because they naturally start trying to compete with the pastor for his role.

Quiz – If you maintain the church centric theology and start your own ministry, What are you called? “Apostle” of course. You don’t need the pastor or denomination’s permission because you have an office above his! Pretty slick huh! Some marketplace ministries are still feeling guilty for their initiative so they have coined a new term – “marketplace apostle.” I just have to chuckle. God has already given that level of permission to every saint.

What It Feels like for Dawnya – Like a gleeful jailbreak, dancing with the Lord through fields of clover while a great cloud of witnesses sings the hallelujah chorus. It feels like having too much money; wondering where to use it for the greatest Kingdom impact. It feels like your business staff needs one more motivational gift so you can have your own 5-fold ministry. It feels like taking time out to daydream before God because you know the likelihood is that the dream will come true since you have the favor, the faith, and the resources implement it. It feels like “blessing the nations” – helping others touch the same level of God’s favor. It feels like coming home to your heart’s greatest passion; spending your life doing what you enjoy most; putting your head on the pillow at night with the sense of “well done” from Jesus himself. It feels like a great adventure; more exciting than any movie; complete with warfare, defeats, victories, friendship, teamwork, romance… Everything that makes your heart alive is touched with the sweet fragrance of overcoming in your new role as co-laborer with Christ. It’s exceedingly, abundantly beyond all you could ask or imagine – It’s just like God. And, it’s available now through a power that works in us; the Holy Spirit working through the desires of our hearts.

You see Brian and Dawnya have touched their original passion. They have found their life purpose and turned it into a ministry that changes lives. They also packaged it without the poverty. Prosperity is present… and that is the wellspring of their impact on missions. They are playing a God-ordained role in taking the gospel of the Kingdom around the world… and they are doing it exactly the way God intended. Our message is really about the Kingdom. The church is how we equip people to operate in the Kingdom.

After his suffering, he showed himself to these men and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God. Acts 1:3

But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. Acts 8:12-13

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,”        Acts 14:22

Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months, arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God. Acts 19:8

They arranged to meet Paul on a certain day, and came in even larger numbers to the place where he was staying. From morning till evening he explained and declared to them the kingdom of God and tried to convince them about Jesus from the Law of Moses and from the Prophets. Acts 28:23

Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 28:31

Could it happen for you? Say “yes Lord” and get started. This is your permission slip.

PS: This is a glimpse of our next message for Kings. It will focus helping God’s people through the practical aspects of discovering your passion, and then becoming purposeful, entrepreneurial, prosperous, and missions minded. Pray with us to launch it soon in several formats – conferences, on-line classes, and a book format. God is releasing Kings in amazing ways. Our goal is to sound a trumpet that will assemble a great army of “Davids” that will fill the earth with His Glory.

Life is an adventure. People are a blessing. God is amazing. We’re winning.